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By Adobe

Carol Twombly

Hardy had Laurel, Fred had Barney and C3PO had R2D2. In 1994, Carol Twombly decided that her 1990, all-cap typeface,  Charlemagne™, also needed a (lowercase) companion. As the design developed, however, it began to grow into a completely new typeface – with all new capital letters. The Nueva™ font, eventually evolved into a large and versatile typeface family.

Key to the Nueva font's distinct design is its high stroke contrast, and rounded character shapes. Arched characters, such as b, d, m, n, r, p and q, feature low connectors and tapering stems. The Nueva family includes condensed and extended versions in addition to the basic weights – each benefitting from an accompanying italic design.

The Nueva font is a typeface with calligraphic sensibilities, and the soul of a text face. It has evolved into much more than just a sidekick. It's a star, and a Super Family, in it's own right.