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By Alphabet Soup

Michael Doret
Alphabet Soup

Originally conceived as part of a unique display design created for Hershey’s Times Square flagship store, the PowerStation family is the perfect choice when looking for a font that speaks of strength, solidity and character. It comes in two “faceted” 3-D versions: “Block” where the dark side is dominant, and “Wedge” where you see more light than shadow. The family also includes both “Solid” and “Outline” versions of the font. They are all available in both normal and wide versions.

Two color typesetting capability has also been created by providing additional “High” and “Low” versions of Block and Wedge—the “Low” fonts containing the base solid letters, and the “High” fonts containing the highlights. By layering the two versions one over the other and applying different colors to each, incredibly powerful two color effects can be achieved. Examples can be seen by downloading “The PowerStation Font Family User Manual and Guide for 2 Color Typesetting.”

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