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By Antipixel

Julia Martinez Diana

Escalope is a hand-drawn font with a quirky and unique personality: low midline, unicase, all-caps, matching icons, textures, and the playful Stylistic Sets.

'Escalope Soft' has smooth outlines and sharp terminals. 'Escalope Crust One' is relatively clean but rugged, with an ink stamp outcome. 'Escalope Crust Two' is harsh in texture, with large coarse grains in its jagged outlines. 'Escalope Crust Three' is rather heavy-built, stout, defined, and less grainy.

This type family has three alternating alphabets that slightly differ from one another. Thanks to the Contextual Alternates, the alphabets are automatically replaced, in turn, repeatedly to avoid the same letterforms and textures appearing next to each other.

Stylistic Sets are also available. SS01 has underlined characters, SS02 has double-underlined characters, and SS03 has a mixture of graphic ornaments. These Sets can be used separately or combined. If the Contextual Alternates are running, the Stylistic Sets will alternate automatically.

Escalope includes a set of 150 icons consistent with the four styles of the typeface. They share weight, texture, and font characteristics for a perfect match.

Sans Serif