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State Machine

By Barnbrook Fonts

State Machine is a display typeface inspired by lettering applied to American and Russian Cold War-era military vehicles. It also features an alternate character set inspired by 1970s hand-made political banners. The name State Machine is a term found in both political theory and computer programming. The theoretical definition describes the political and bureaucratic organisation of a state as well as the repressive state apparatuses such as the military and police. Max Weber describes the state as ""a human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory"". In computer programming, a state machine is a mathematical model of computation used to design computer programs. It is conceived as an abstract machine that is in one of a finite number of states. It can change from one state to another when initiated by a triggering event or condition. Taken at a wider conceptual level, when these two definition are combined the meaning becomes analogous to a tool (such as a philosophical idea) with which to transform a society.