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Aleesya Rose

By Brenners Template

Ryul Davidson
Brenners Template

Aleesya Rose is a Stylish Font Family to bring a touch of elegance to any design.

The clear contrast blends into all styles - even thin styles - and the strong individuality by weight delights the designer's imagination.

14 styles including 7 weights and italics are essential for designers to complete more detailed and sophisticated typography.

This style has 426 glyphs each, check the glyph window in your app.

The upright standing of the vertical stems stably supports the center of gravity of the entire font.

And the thin strokes used as finishing touches will convey an elegant personality to the layout.

The ligatures are designed to appeal to the reader with their beautiful tenderness, and they are:

Ba, Be, Ha, He, LO, Le, Lo, Re, Ro, ck, de, do, ee, ff, fi, oo, rr, th.

In particular, we recommend that you choose this font family to achieve the following purposes: Editorial design, Personal branding, Branding business, logo design, portfolio, and any special design.

Sans Serif