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By Burghal Design

Kate Peters
Burghal Design
Don't you HATE it when this happens? You're protesting the war in Iraq, and the other protesters keep pointing at you and giggling. You can't figure out what they could possibly be laughing at...You look up and then it hits you: you're holding a sign that looks like it was made by your 5-year old kid brother. It's sloppy, the words are crooked, hell, it's BARELY READABLE. How is anyone ever going to take you seriously with THAT SIGN???? There's only one solution...To further your cause, you need Burghal Design's Peace font. Peace contains upper and lower letters, numbers, punctuation, even foreign accented characters! Clean, concise, and oh, SO legible, you'll have no problem getting your message across with this typeface. Who knows, you might even make the evening news.