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Garuda typeface, featuring the shape and style based on a mythical bird in the Javanese puppet stories, Garuda (is very similar to the eagle). Garuda, also known to be a symbol of country of Indonesia with the title "Garuda Pancasila".

At the typeface we can find more ligatures beside than the standard. Within Garuda at least encoded 792 glyphs per weight onto major codepage: win 1252, 1250, 1254, 1257 including Mac OS Roman. It is containing more OpenType features such as swash, contextual alternate, stylistic, figures/number, and a few bit ornaments.

The typeface has a pretty good readability and legibility even in small sizes. So it is useful for short texts (text length? Whom fear) for print and screen material. Usage on headlines, posters, titles, or something like that, can utilize ornament lines as a sweetener.

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