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By Canada Type

Hans van Maanen
Canada Type
Freco is a celebration of the short but very productive life of Dutch designer and illustrator Fré Cohen (1903-1943). This font is mostly an assembled compilation of letters Fré created for a variety of print designs over the years, showcasing her consistent talent for the architectural moderne, art deco, and Wendingen styles of her era. Freco is a prime example of how seemingly minute details can visually be most relevant and consequential in typography. Fré Cohen's subtle variations on the familiar art deco forms and contrast have made her typographical work so stunning it continues to be taught and celebrated as some of the finest 20th century Dutch design. Freco comes in an expanded character set that includes support for Central and Eastern European languages, as well as Turkish, Baltic, Celtic, Maltese and Esperanto. It also includes complementary alternate forms and letter combinations for added flexibility in usage.