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By Catharsis Fonts

Quinoa is display typeface by Catharsis Fonts that unites the seemingly opposed concepts of clean geometric architecture and organic humanist warmth. While it is designed for display and editorial purposes, its accessible forms make for comfortable reading even at small text sizes. Its exuberant adaptive ¿f¿, ¿j¿, ¿Q¿ and refreshing titling alternates bring display text to life. Quinoa covers multilingual Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, and Armenian. The Quinoa family spans four stylistic cuts (Quinoa, Quinoa Titling, Quinoa Round, and Quinoa Text) with matching hand-slanted obliques, each of which comes in nine weights. The Titling cut offers a number of alternate capital letter designs with lowercase-inspired forms for a refreshing unicase look, and the Round cut additionally removes the spurs from arched letters like n. The text cut introduces true diagonals and a two-storey ¿a¿ for a more sober, reading-friendly look. A host of other OpenType features including ligatures, contextual alternates, small caps, figure sets, and character variants are built into all cuts. Furthermore, the small caps of Quinoa, Quinoa Titling, and Quinoa Text are available as dedicated font files under the names ¿Quinoa SC¿, ¿Quinoa Unicase¿ and ¿Quinoa Text SC¿ for ease of use. Acknowledgements: I am thankful to the TypeDrawers and the communities for great feedback and support. In particular, Thorsten Daum has been tremendously helpful with suggestions and quality control. Thanks to Craig Eliason and Jan Willem Wennekes for their help with the Latin, Alexander L. Stetsiuk for Cyrillic, Ofir Shavit and Jonathan N. Washington for Hebrew, Khaled Hosny for Arabic, and Hrant H. Papazian for Armenian.