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Yada Yada Yada

By Comicraft

Comicraft Design
Y'know the real trouble with Spider-man, Superman and the rest of the soulful superheroes, gloating supervillains and musing muckmonsters is They Just Don't Shut UpFor Crying Out Loud, give those iron jaws a REST willya?!? Yak Yak YakBlah Blah BlahYada Yada Yada... With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility! You won't get away with this, Luthor! I'm the best there is at what I do! SHUT UP!!Letterers don't get paid by the WORD you knowQUIT YER WHININGYeah, yeah, yeah this font IS the much requested typeset -- featuring upper AND lower case characters -- created by Starkings & Roshell for the X-Men back in the Age of Apocalypse. Hell's Squakkin' Teeth -- The X-MEN... don't even get me started on THOSE guysWhat THEY need is the mutant ability to put a freakin' sock in it