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By Coniglio Type

Joseph Coniglio
Coniglio Type


Telepath by Coniglio Type, first appeared in 1998. It is now in opentype .otf as of 2021. Telepath is a master sampling of a Royal office typewriter of industrial strength provided by the Miller Furniture store, of Dunkirk, New York. It had a baseline set of numbers to make accounting practices easy and line up nicely on the statements. (No gentile old fashioned numerical ascenders and descenders.) Yet, for a a rather old and stolid machine, it was very luxurious and built to definitely take the test of time. Cudo's for Royal Typewriter Company, is all I can say. The set of images were very carefully gathered and has fallen into the preferred category for a typewriter font that has it all. The font has exceptional value as a text font -and- a display font. It contains a great deal of graphic information and doesn't spike at higher sizes.

Telepath presents a strikingly handsome typewriter font with a uniquely intuitive difference. Unlike the original source material—scans of monospaced typewriter copy, every font is painstakingly hand kerned for your most demanding copy fitting work in justified or casually ragged settings for print or the web. All Coniglio Type fonts are 100% embeddable. It will get you there.