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CF Cozyscript

By CozyFonts

Tom Nikosey

CF Cozyscript is an even weighted connecting script. Created in the spirit of the Old Grade School cursive chart seen above the blackboard in the front of the classroom. Giving students a constant visual reference of the smooth flow of Caps and Lower case script. Neither formal nor casual but a combination of both styles.

Cozyscript is currently available in 3 styles: Light, Medium & Rounded.

The Light & Medium styles are best suited for Invitations, Notes, Advertising, Personal Letters, and Sensitive Subjects such as

Movie Titles, Biographies, Wedding paraphernalia, etc. The Light & Medium Glyphs finish in squared-off ends, whereas the Rounded version is slightly bolder than the Medium version with rounded ends resembling a tubular look. The Rounded version lends itself to effective use in Sports, Music, and Advertising, Graphics, Signage, Branding, Neon effects, Logos, Titles, and Packaging. With over 300 glyphs applicable in over 100 languages, Cozyscript is available for use!

Cozyscript is CozyFonts Foundry's 17th Font Family released and 2nd script font by Tom (Cozy) Nikosey, California Designer.