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By CozyFonts

Tom Nikosey

Posterface Regular - Posterface Italic - Posterface Extended - Posterface Condensed - Posterface Sans - Posterface Sans Condensed is the fifth font family created by American Graphic Designer Tom Nikosey. Tom specializes in lettering, typographic design & illustration for branding and trademarks. CozyFonts Foundry is Tom's intro into the world of font design.

Posterface was designed to maximize limited horizontal space reserved for text, type, or headlines, titles and label wording. Posterface Family is perfect for Labels, headlines, ads and especially signage.

Aladdin Family is the first font, Skratchbook Family is the second & Noodlerz Family is the third, Toms Finger Family is the fourth, Posterface Family is the fifth.

Please visit or Google Tom Nikosey for more info on his illustrious career. CozyFonts is Tom's intro into the world of font design.

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