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By CyberGraphics

Jan Erasmus

Within a time span of merely little more than a century the slab-serif letterforms underwent tremendous shifts in form and use. It was originally conceived as a new kind of typeface that broke away from traditional book typography to satisfy the needs of mass communications, but evolved into something quite far from its original purpose \'96 book typography. This aspect created enough curiosity for me to attempt a contemporary one myself.

Azania was started over 2 years ago and developed at CyberGraphics. I decided to work on a humanist slab-serif typeface specifically designed to work in small sizes instead of a geometric slab-serif witch there are100s of designs without no modulation and boring. It is available in 4 weights: the \'91Book\'92 for main text demands and two styles (Small Caps and Italic) to created different kind of emphasis. A strong x-height and short ascender/descender make this very legible and elegant typeface very suitable for use in books, magazines, newspapers and advertising display work.

Slab Serif