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By CyberGraphics

Jan Erasmus

In the advent of the revelations by Edward Snowdon and Julian Assange we have entered the encryption age on the web V3.0 and it needs a font.

The premise was; how can I show four different alphabets in one font that alternate as you type. What are the differences, common shapes and sounds for Latin, Celtic, Cyrillic and Greek. Encrypto combines them into a Latin alphabet that helps solve a cultural problem; it celebrates the differences and points out the overlaps.

Encrypto a Latin alphabet in upper and lower case font combines alternate alphabet glyphs, of the four major alphabets; depoliticizes and synthesizes them for the sake of communication. Numbers and punctuation marks also have alternate glyphs.

It produces a very unusual font that results in what appears to be random juxtapositions of alternate glyphs for a pseudo disguise as the user types the words. The randomness factor is the consistent factor. The four different alphabet readers can easily read the Latin font because of similarities shared in the four alphabets. Not the sort of font that once you have seen a few letters you know what the rest is going to look like. It removes those expectations.

Note: The word Encrypto can be set in 4 096 different ways if you use a single text box for each letter. It only works on OpenType Savvy applications. Not in MS Word for example.

See the movie that demos how it works.