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By CyberGraphics

Jan Erasmus

The idea behind designing the Sade™ family was to design a feminine roman font that is more flowing and less angular like most roman text fonts. The font structure is loosely based on Garamond.

Sade™combines a significantly large x-height with relatively compressed letterforms. The feminine aspect for example comes into play when the roman face takes on some italic features like the curved serif at the stroke end of the ‘l’ and ‘i’. Another unusual aspect is that I used many different stoke endings which is unorthodox.

Sade™ was developed mainly for magazine and book text. It is a typeface for continuous text setting, designed to withstand the worst printing conditions: low quality papers, high printing speed with web presses and variations in the ink level of the printing press.

To create something more contemporary I decided on a more modular font eg., I used the a shape for the b, d, g, p and q. The result of these features grants the typeface outstanding legibility and economy.

Sade™ features two weights and matching italics and over 400 characters per weight, including small caps, discretionary ligatures, fractions and a complete range of numerals for every use. It also supports 21 languages that use the Latin alphabet.