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*Mont Specimen:

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• 744 glyphs in 20 styles; • Extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek; • Perfect for headlines and logos; • Prominent x-height; • Distinctive pointed triangular bracketed “t”; • Coverage of multiple OpenType features; • Suitable for web, print, motion graphics etc.


is a geometric sans serif consisting of 10 weights ranging from Hairline to Black with matching italics. It supports Extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek —

more than 130 languages

all together. The balanced characteristic of Mont with unique details, such as the pointed “t” and the prominent x-height makes it perfect for strong headlines and outstanding logos, but also suitable for long text. Mont comes with a range of

OpenType features

— including tabular figures, advanced typographic features such as

ligatures, fractions, case-sensitive forms, superscripts, subscripts etc.

The typeface's versatility and merits make it easy to confront any graphic design challenge — web, print, motion graphics etc. Up with Mont to the top and beyond!

Mont™ Font Field Guide including best practices, font pairings and alternatives.

Geometric Sans
Sans Serif