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By Fontfabric

Singel is a neoclassical serif with semi-condensed proportions. As a contemporary interpretation, this typeface combines the rationalist modulated stroke with an elegant silhouette and crisp serifs. The altogether splendid appearance of Singel, completed with a full set of Small Capitals and true form of italics makes it perfect for any luxurious and graceful design. Other aspects of its characteristics include the consistency of 10 styles from Light to Bold; a coverage of Extended Latin and Cyrillic with span for more than 130 languages; a flawless functionality and support of many OpenType features, such as localizations, tabular numerals, inferiors and superiors, numerators & denominators, fractions, case sensitivity etc. Features: • Over 900 glyphs in 10 styles (Light to Bold); • Extended Latin and Cyrillic for more than 130 languages; • Tall x-height and Semi-Condensed proportions; • High contrast and modulated stroke with vertical stress; • Neoclassical characteristics and moderate apertures; • Full set of Small Capitals; • True form of italics; • Coverage of multiple OpenType features; • Suitable for wide design purposes.