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Zing Sans Rust

By Fontfabric

Zing Rust is a truly handmade type system consisting of 238 fonts. This incredible font family is based on layer combinations and gives endless possibilities to mix and make various designs. Each style could be used separate or merged in order to achieve all the creative designs you can imagine. The font is based entirely on hand writing which brings an aesthetics that can’t be imitated with any computer filters, scripts or plugins. Having moderate proportions Zing RustTM is the perfect solution for logos and headlines that really stand out. Zing Goodies As a dessert we serve you Zing GoodiesTM that tops off the whole package, making it the extraordinary delicacy! It has 4 basic forms—Bakery, BBQ, Banners and Words — with two style each, which contain plenty of adorable icons for any food and taste, elaborated banners, ribbons and ornaments, and even beautiful selection of useful words accentuating your design.