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Gunsmoke is a revival of a James Conner's Sons font that's been listed under different names such as Extended Clarendon Shaded, Original Ornamented and Galena. Dating back to 1888 this font was available with an original lowercase, numbers and punctuation. Today we've expanded the set to include the original shaded version a regular black, open left, open right and a fill font for the two open faced versions. The single Gunsmoke fill font is in alignment with the Gunsmoke Open R version and will also work with Gunsmoke Open L by shifting your fill font layer to align with the Open L version. You will need an application that works in layers in order to use the fill font with the Gunsmoke Open L and R fonts. Make sure you check out the left and right pointing gun hands on the less than and greater than keys, the gun alone is on the left and right brace keys. Remember to check your gun in with the Marshal when entering Dodge City.

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