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HS Amal

By Hiba Studio

Hasan AbuAfash
Hiba Studio

The earlier release of «Hasan Amal» typeface has been in 2008. It has introduced modern OpenType Arabic Typeface which combines the features of Kufi and Naskh Style with noticeable both curvy and sharp segments beside the refinements of its letters which made it more readable.

«Hasan Amal» is used in both titles and text in modern graphic and publication projects.It supports Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages and contains three weights: light, regular and bold. In 2011, this unique typeface has been programmed under a new name «HS Amal» for «Tasmeem of Winsoft» contains rich variations, alternative glyphs and new ligatures.

Besides, its weights have extended to be (7) weights. It varies between Extra Thin to Extra Bold weights.

So, this typeface family is fantastic for users and is a real boon for «Tasmeem».

In (2012), «HS Amal» new opentype family with (7) weights was produced to support Arabic, Persian and urdu. It contains many various alternatives and good additions.