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ITC Kristen™


George Ryan
ITC Kristen is the work of American designer George Ryan. He describes it as not your average text or display font." The inspiration for the design came from the handwritten menu at a neighborhood restaurant. With time, the forms moved away from the originals and towards something more like a child's scrawl. The result is singularly unique. ITC Kristen remains legible without losing any charm.

Created by American designer George Ryan, Kristen was inspired by a handwritten menu came across during an eating excursion in Cambridge. After exploring a typeface based directly on the menu’s scrawl, Ryan eventually decided to evolve the idea and design Kristen as a child’s print instead. He has been quoted as calling Kristen “not your average text or display font”, which is certainly the case. In fact, the resulting family contains two subfamilies: Kristen normal and Kristen not so normal.

Kristen is often used in the branding materials and advertising copy of kid-oriented products. Given that it is not as primitive a script as, for example, Kidprint (which evokes the handwriting of a very young child), Kristen is particularly useful in tween branding for girls between the ages of 8 and 12.