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Family Fun Value Pack

Monotype Library Subscription

Get unlimited access to Family Fun Value Pack and over 2,200 other families for only 9.99/month.

The Monotype Library Subscription is a smart new way to work with fonts. With the world’s largest library of best-selling type,
you’ll always find the right fonts for your projects – ready to install whenever you need them. View the inventory

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Try this font now! Use the controls below to customize your text string and its appearance.

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Try this font now! Use the controls below to customize your text string and its appearance.

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Current Product Technical Details

Format: OpenType Std (CFF)
Product ID:OPN616169
Material Number:28801526
Technical Name(s):ZiggyITCStd, LambadaStd, JambalayaITCStd, KristenNormalITCStd, PumpStd-Bold, DfTotSpotsITC
File Name(s):DFTOTSPO.TTF, JambalayaITCStd.otf, KristenNormalITCStd.otf, LambadaStd.otf, PumpStd-Bold.otf, ZiggyITCStd.otf
Window Menu Name(s):Ziggy ITC Std, Lambada Std, Jambalaya ITC Std, Kristen Normal ITC Std, Pump Std Medium, DF Tot Spots ITC

Other Products Technical Details

Format:Win TrueType
Product ID:000616169
Material Number:14601526
Technical Name(s):PumpLT-Bold, ZiggyITC, DfTotSpotsITC, KristenITC-Normal, KristenNotSoITC-Normal, JambalayaITC-Roman, JambalayaTooITC-Roman, Lambada
File Name(s):DFTOSI__.AFM, DFTOSI__.INF, DFTOSI__.PFB, DFTOSI__.PFM, DFTOTSPO.pdf, Jambalay.afm, Jambalay.inf, Jambalay.pfb, Jambalay.pfm, JambaToo.afm, JambaToo.inf, JambaToo.pfb, JambaToo.pfm, KRISTNOR.AFM, KRISTNOR.INF, KRISTNOR.PFB, KRISTNOR.PFM, KRISTNSN.AFM, KRISTNSN.INF, KRISTNSN.PFB, KRISTNSN.PFM, LT_55760.afm, LT_55760.inf, LT_55760.pfb, LT_55760.pfm, LT_70281.afm, LT_70281.inf, LT_70281.pfb, LT_70281.pfm, LT_70508.afm, LT_70508.inf, LT_70508.pfb, LT_70508.pfm
Window Menu Name(s):Pump LT Bold, Ziggy ITC, DfTotSpotsITC, Kristen Normal ITC, Kristen Not So Normal ITC, Jambalaya ITC, Jambalaya Too ITC, Lambada