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By Kustomtype

Coert De Decker

Stonetype is a font-type that was used by stonemasons in the 70s & 80s of the last century. When I was starting as a stonemason, these were the first characters I had to draw, by hand, on grave monuments and memorial plaques. Then the idea was born to digitize all the material, to be saved for eternity. By digitizing and fine tuning, plus the addition of some main characters, Stonetype has now grown into a user-friendly typeface that can still be used by stonemasons to improve their creation process times. But Stonetype can also easily be used in modern and contemporary designs such as posters, magazines, advertisements, etc.

Stonetype is smoothly polished with all the features a good designer needs. For the best price, I recommend you grab the whole pack! Stonetype is designed by Coert De DeckerĀ in 2018 and published by Kustomtype Font Foundry.

Sans Serif