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By Laura Worthington

Fairwater’s aesthetic derives from the cursive handwriting styles popularized in the early to mid-1900s, the simplified, forgiving letterforms of tattoo lettering – and the pictorial themes that informed early-to-mid 20th-century naval tattoos. The Fairwater family includes a script and sans face in three weights, four decorative serif faces and an ornamental font: DIY Lines. As with many of my fonts, I couldn’t resist adding a plethora of 465 swashes and alternates to the script version, that include ending forms on all letters, 34 beginning and isolated letters, an unconnected version and contextual alternates. Fairwater also includes a powerful decorative font entitled DIY Lines: 250 ornamental characters of ships, anchors, oars, knots, rope, botanicals, diamonds, arrows and more. With strokes and proportions that perfectly complement the type. See what’s included! These fonts have been specially coded for access of all the swashes, alternates and ornaments without the need for professional design software! Info and instructions here: