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By Los Andes

Luciano Vergara
Los Andes
Internacional, inspired by the International Style, is a Latin American-flavored neo-grotesque sans serif typeface made with organic ingredients and sweetened with organic sugar and chocolate. Internacional is well-suited for corporate identity, branding, publishing projects, logotypes, magazines and advertising. Its large x-height and small difference between x-height and cap-height make it a high-impact font, ideal for powerful headings, while providing legibility. Internacional was designed for use with short and mid-length paragraphs that require a balanced type color. Internacional is an extended width font with rounded forms and angled terminal ends, in characters such as ā€œcā€ or ā€œaā€, which make it suitable for use in advertising and branding. The proportional relation in height between uppercase and lowercase letters may be useful when composing text in German language. The Internacional font family comes in 7 weights with matching italics and includes an alternative version, with the same number of styles, yet it tastes differently. Special thanks to everyone in the Latinotype Team (especially to Rodrigo Fuenzalida) for their support, help with corrections and digital editing.