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Andriy Dykun

Hello, Friends! Introducing Ravenholm -a new modern gothic font family. Font looks amazing as single words and as full text blocks. It has support for many languages as: Czech, Danish and Norwegian, Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian etc. Ravenholm font family cast: - Ravenholm Color (color OTF font) - Ravenholm Bold - Ravenholm Inline - Ravenholm Thin - Ravenhol Slant WARNING #1 Color fonts are pretty new technology - they currently show up in Photoshop CC 2017+, Illustrator CC 2018 and some Mac apps. Learn more about color font support on third-party apps here: Enjoy it on your best projects! For any help regarding this font, please feel free to contact me through my profile page and I’ll be glad to offer support. Thanks for buying!