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By PampaType

Javier Quintana Godoy

Berenjena is a captivating font family designed by type designer Javier Quintana Godoy in Santiago de Chile.

Berenjena has the right combination of comfort in reading and lyric spirit. This helps keep readers in the delicate atmosphere in which novels and tales can display all their charm. Most typefaces created for books cannot reach this. Either they are too expressive so they tire the eyes of the reader, or, mostly, they are dull and reading becomes a tedious task.

Berenjena was designed for text use bearing in mind this concept of subtle balance. Berenjena (Spanish for aubergine or eggplant) gives your text that spicy environment in which wordshapes are easy to read while letterforms maintain their capricious feeling. It comes in roman, cursive, smallcaps, and smallcaps cursive, declined in four weights: Blanca, Fina, Gris, Negra. All Berenjena fonts include the usual contextual features, plus elegant ligatures, wonderful swashes, and all kinds of figures. Berenjena will give your design a very individual character. Berenjena wears captivating details of calligraphic poetry which link subtlety to vernacular sign painting from Santiago de Chile. Please visit for more information about the Berenjena type designs.