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By Scholtz Fonts

Anton Scholtz
Scholtz Fonts

Comical is an offshoot of Scholtz Fonts 2007 Comic SCF. The font has been reworked and updated, and is presented in three weights, Black, Regular & Lite.

Comical is legible and infinitely versatile:
Black works wonderfully for display purposes, posters, headlines, branding, signage, ads and comic covers.
Regular is great for body text or subheadings, for hang tags and branding, for greeting cards, magazines and comics.
Lite works best as a body font in children's books and comics, and in combination with the bolder options.

The family is vigorous, lively, casual and, above all, fun! Comical supports extensive languages such as Western European, Central and Eastern European languages.

Humanistic Sans
Sans Serif