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By Scholtz Fonts

Anton Scholtz
Scholtz Fonts
Dufour was named in honor of an art deco font called "Independent" designed in the 1930s by Collette and Dufour. "Dufour" is influenced by the original font, however, there are substantial differences: instead of small caps, a true lower case was created, the upper case character proportions and shapes have been greatly modified, and all missing characters have been created to make a truly modern font which nevertheless has all of the panache of the original. A related font is Collette, designed by Anton Scholtz, however, Dufour has a softer feel that is more true to the original art deco period. Dufour comes in four styles: Dufour Regular, Dufour Regular Outline, Dufour Condensed, and Dufour Condensed Outline. The font has been carefully kerned and best results are obtained if kerning is switched on. (All-caps passages work well.) It is best used to create a retro feel and in headings, subheads and in short passages of text. Very effective in marketing for products for children.