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Klatter is an "in your face" font. It can't be ignored, and draws attention to itself no matter how noisy the environment. It is available in three styles:- Klatter Regular is a clean, spunky, non-grunge font that uses a combination of straight lines and sharp angles to make a strong, no-nonsense statement; - Klatter SmallCaps, in which the lower case is a true "small caps" and not a shrunken version of the upper case (generated by the operating system); - Klatter Grunge is based on Klatter Regular but is "dirty" and messy, giving the impression of printing problems and wet ink being smudged. Both styles have a full character set with upper and lower case, numerals and mathematical symbols, as well as a full set of accented and special characters. The font has been carefully letter-spaced and kerned and the vertical spacing has been appropriately set.

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