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Larisa script

By Sulthan Studio

Sulthan Studio

Larisa Script is a smooth, elegant, and flowing handwritten font. It has as many characters to play as you want, readable and incredibly versatile. will look outstanding in any context, whether it’s being used on busy backgrounds or as a standalone headline!

Larisa Script - includes many alternative characters. Coded with Unicode PUA, which allows full access to all additional characters without having special design software. Mac users can use Font Book. Windows users can use the Character Map to view and copy one of the additional characters to paste into your favorite text editor. For people who have opentype-capable software: Alternatives can be accessed by turning on the "Alternative Style" and "Ligature" buttons on the Photoshop Character panel, or through any software with the glyph panel, e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, Inkscape.