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By Swell Type

John Roshell
Swell Type

Jetlab is a typographic time machine that drops you squarely into the techno-futuristic optimism of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s!

While certain weights may conjure familiar space race-era logos from the sci-fi movies, board games, sports teams, new wave bands and sneaker brands of the late 20th century, the complete 45-weight Jetlab font family is loaded with modern features to power your retro-futuristic designs with near-infinite versatility.


  • 45 weights provide widths from squeezed to stretched and weights from light to heavy, plus reverse-stress (that's thick horizontal strokes with thin verticals)
  • high, medium and low crossbar options
  • upper and lowercase letters provide two distinct styles
  • a four-axis variable font provides precise control of width, vertical & horizontal weight, and crossbar height
  • 500 glyphs support 223 languages, including Western & Central Europe and Vietnamese
Sans Serif