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Novecento Carved

By Synthview

Jan Tonellato

Novecento Carved is a layered font family. It is designed to be paired with the 2013 version of

Novecento Sans

, used as base layer. Each glyph of each style of Novecento Carved (around 18.000) was manually reviewed and adjusted to overcome the limitations of an automatic interpolation algorithm. The minimalism of its construction makes it super easy to achieve a bas-relief or engraving effect just switching luminosity values among the two layers (carved and sans). Novecento Carved was selected and displaying on Typodarium 2018, the 18th of June. Webfont usage: to make Novecento Sans and Carved to align properly, please apply these settings when generating your webfonts: Hinting = native; Line Height Adjustments = native.

Sans Serif