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By Thinkdust


Yumo is a remix of the original 2010 Yume typeface. This time it’s got texture and a lot more attitude.Yumo is a new, textured remix of the original 2010 Yume typeface, and has plenty to offer of its own. Angular and blocky, this typeface creates impactful text with a hint of playfulness, expanded upon by its rough finish. There are no extraneous edges to this font because most of them have been subsumed into the characters themselves, so any sharpness it may have from the squared corners is removed by the lack of thin strokes or serifs. Perfect for headlines and large text that wants to stand out, Yumo's big, bold text will help your message make an impact. Playing with colours on the textured surface only helps to strengthen this effect, so that Yumo will blow people away, whatever you want to say.