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By TipografiaRamis

Ramiz Guseynov
Neubau is a condensed geometric display typeface, designed in 2009. The inspiration for this face came from Joost Schmidt lowercase letters developed during 1925-28 in Bauhaus Dessau. Schmidt was one of the proponents of New Typography - a movement advocating the use of only lowercase letters which were constructed strictly geometrically using only ruler and compass. Neubau family consists of three subfamilies - Neubau Sans, Neubau Serif and Neubau Grotesque, each of them in three weights - light, regular and bold. Neubau Grotesque is an upright italics variation of Neubau Sans. The main difference of this typeface is that it presents a softer and more human look (less techno), while retaining the condensed geometric structure of its counterpart. Neubau typeface is recommended for use as a display font, and has been generated in a single OpenType format with Western CP1252 character set.
Sans Serif