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Edgar No.9

By Type Innovations

Alex Kaczun
Type Innovations

Edgar No. 9 is an original design by Alex Kaczun. Edgar No. 9 is a derivative work based on his 'Big Boy' typeface series. It was designed specifically for display headlines, logotype, branding and similar applications. Primarily a display, this extremely versatile font has generous proportions, large counters and loose fitting which also allow the font to work well across a wide range of text sizes. Edgar No. 9 is a heavy baroque slab serif and although it shares the underling skeleton of 'Big Boy', it is a much more compact in overall proportions and spacing. A handsome bold headline font that works well in text as well as display sizes—ideally suited for publications and advertising. Alex plans to expand the font series to include a large range of weights along with corresponding italics numbering 1 thru 9, as well as, true small capitals and old style figures. Distressed version(s) will also be available in upcoming releases. Stay tuned, more to come soon. The large Pro font character set supports most Central European and many Eastern European languages.

Slab Serif