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Czykago Rough

By TypoGraphicDesign

TFrom 2019 back to the 90s … The typeface “Czykago Rough” by Alexander Branczyk and Manuel Viergutz is a re-issue of the font “Czykago” published in 1995 by the font label “Face2Face”. Designed as a re-release for the Font Foundry “Typo Graphic Design” in 2019. The rough sans serif display font is inspired by the 80s and 90s.

Glyhph-Set: Latin Extended (Adobe Latin 3).

907 glyphs with 3× A–Z & a–z and 350+ decorative extras like icons, arrows, dingbats, emojis, symbols, sign of the zodiac, geometric shapes, catchwords, decorative ligatures (type the word #LOVE for ¿ or #SMILE for ¿ as OpenType-Feature dlig) and stylistic alternates (4× stylistic sets). For use in logos, magazines, posters, advertisement plus as webfont for decorative headlines. The font works best for display size.