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URW Geometric Condensed

By Monotype

The Seol Sans design offers a fresh palette for designers working with the Korean alphabet, particularly those looking to pair Latin and Korean alphabet (or Hangul) forms without creating typographic friction. The choices for Hangul fonts that work well with humanist Latin typefaces are limited. As Monotype’s first original Korean design, the Seol Sans typeface is a humanist take on the traditional rigid and hard designs of Hangul characters. The Seol Sans design more closely resembles the natural curve of hand-written characters. Seol Sans features Neue Frutiger for its Latin glyphs, and works harmoniously with Neue Frutiger World and Monotype’s CJK typefaces Tazugane Info (Japanese) and M XiangHe Hei (Chinese). Seol Sans is a great choice for global brands using a Sans Serif design looking to maintain their visual identity, and communicate with a consistent tone of voice in the Korean market.