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By Wilton Foundry

By twisting and weaving separate strands of rope together, a stronger TWINE is created. The distinctive “valleys” that give the twine its twisted and wavy appearance is the result of the twining process. Similarly, TWINE the font, is an exaggerated representation of the calligrapher’s individual pen movements that create a cohesive character which is enhanced by the stencil strokes. Since TWINE emphasizes the calligraphic strokes, you will find it very legible even in small point sizes. Furthermore, twine is inspired by Plantin, an old-style serif typeface named after the printer Christophe Plantin, which is based on the 16th century Gros Cicero face cut by Robert Granjon.

Twine is a great choice when you need a font that is timeless, contemporary and distinctive. Perfect for Advertising, Corporate identities and Packaging design, Museum display, Technology, Hospitality, Travel, and Retail.Twine is available in TWINE Regular, TWINE Italic, TWINE Bold, TWINE Bold Italic. It is Distinctive, Contemporary, Timeless, Stencil.