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Licensing Options

To accommodate the font needs of everyone, from sole graphic designers to worldwide enterprises, Monotype offers three basic licensing models: the Standard End User License, the Extended Multi-User License and the Web Server License.

Standard End User License

A Standard User License is issued with individual font purchases. Standard end user licenses are best suited for individuals and small organizations or in instances when only a limited number of individuals will need access to a desired typeface. Most standard end user licenses license a font for use on up to five CPUs and one printer within an organization. However, terms may vary depending on the agreement. The license that is issued is determined by the font foundry or designer that supplied the font to Monotype. Some suppliers license fonts through their own end user license agreement (EULA). Most suppliers license fonts through the basic Monotype EULA.

Monotype has introduced a new EULA that permits fonts to be used in the Embedded OpenType® (EOT) format for Web embedding and for non-commercial purposes. Products from the Monotype, Monotype Imaging, ITC, Linotype and Image Club foundries are covered by this agreement.

You can review the license agreements covering your fonts when checking out by clicking the license documents link on the “Enter Billing Details” page.

Extended Multi-User License

Extended Multi-User License Agreements are arranged either for a predetermined number of users (larger than five) or for an entire site. The cost is based on the number of users. The Extended Multi-User License is a perfect way to implement a font throughout an entire department or mid-sized company.

Web Server License

Monotype's Web Server License is for organizations with Web-enabled applications, documents or services that are accessible to non-licensed users. Click here for complete information on the Web Server License and other licensing options from Monotype or contact us directly.

Other Commercial Licenses

Monotype works directly with organizations to create custom license arrangements to cover uses beyond those described above. For more information, please contact us.