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Monotype Library Subscription

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to new heights

The 2,200 font families in the Monotype Library Subscription offer infinite design
possibilities. Each font in our library is available as a desktop and web font, ensuring
coverage for all of your print and digital design needs.

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2 web projects
25,000 Pageviews/mo

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Unlimited access to all fonts with a Subscription tag for both desktop and web use.


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  • Unlimited access to all subscription fonts for both desktop and web use.

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With 250,000 pageviews per month and the option to add more, the Monotype Library
Subscription supports sites of all sizes. Use as many fonts as you like and build unlimited
projects, all for the same low monthly price. Want to try it out first? Sign up for a free plan
for access to 3,000 fonts from the library on the web.

Hand tuned for display

Access a broad-selection of painstakingly crafted fonts,
hand tuned by font engineers to perform superbly on screen.

Broad language support

With support for more than 40 major languages, your subscription covers the languages
you rely on. We offer a wide selection of Basic Latin and Extended Latin varieties to
address Western and Eastern European languages in addition to a broad offering of
non-Lation fonts for other commonly used languages.

The right type, for any project

Our broad library of nearly 10,000 fonts provides a range of styles to cover nearly any
project. Choose from classic designs like Helvetica, Frutiger, Univers, Trade Gothic,
ITC Avant Grade. Or have a look at what's new to stay on top of the trends.
New releases are added all the time.

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2 web projects
25,000 Pageviews/mo